Education Consultants

Meet our dedicated team of expert Education Consultants and highly skilled Clinicians.

Denise Airey – Director

Qualifications: RN, RM, B.Nursing, Critical Care Certificate, Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Certified CPR Instructor, ACCCN Certificate in Adult Advanced Life Support, ACCCN Certificate in Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Graduate Diploma in Further Education & Training (in progress), MACN, MACCCN, MAAMHP

Denise Airey started the education service in July 1994 and since then has been instrumental in developing a professional customer-focused business. Denise possesses over 30 years experience in the health industry including speciality areas of Education, Resuscitation, Intensive Care, Midwifery and Thoracic/Respiratory Medicine.

Denise is a Registered Nurse/Midwife with a Bachelor of Nursing and Critical Care Certificate. Denise has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training, is a Certified CPR Instructor and is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma (Further Education & Training). She is a Member of the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) as well as the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN) and the Australian Association of the Manual Handling of People (AAMHP).

Denise is honored to have been selected to represent ACN on the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) – Queensland Branch (article). She has been the Resuscitation Coordinator for a number of metropolitan hospitals, attending numerous cardiac arrests during her career. Denise has also been involved in retrievals and critical patient transfers as well as worked in rural hospitals.

Denise is a dynamic presenter with a passion for education! She has presented papers at national conferences including a paper on Professional Partnerships at a Royal College of Nursing Australia national conference. Denise has lectured for Australian Catholic University and Queensland University of Technology. She is driven by her main goal which is to provide high quality, cost-effective training which is accessible to all healthcare professionals. Denise believes education and training is the foundation upon which all strong organisations & careers are built.

Education Consultants

Our Education Consultants are dynamic presenters who are currently practicing in their field of expertise. Here’s just a sample of our excellent team….

Samantha Bowden

Qualifications: RN, RM, BHSc (Nursing),
Professional Certificate in Allergy Nursing
Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training
Associate Quality Assessor

Samantha’s expertise lies in Quality Management/Accreditation and Acute Patient Care. She has extensive experience in surgical nursing, infection control, renal therapy and education. Samantha has been instrumental in the development of our service, having commenced with HealthCare Training Service in 1999.

Jane Burgess

Qualifications: RN, BN, Critical Care Certificate
Certificate of Intensive Care
Graduate Diploma Critical Care Nursing
Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training
Certificate in Advanced Life Support
Member of Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (MACCCN)

Jane possesses vast experience in Critical Care / Intensive Care nursing. She has attended and presented at numerous critical care and resuscitation conferences over many years. Jane is a much admired educator whose calming demeanor is able to instill confidence and bring out the best in her learners. Jane has been a valued member of our team for more than 13 years.

Clare Quaglia

Qualifications: RN, Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing),
Bachelor of Nursing – Informatics
Certificate in Advanced Life Support
Member of Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA),
Member of Oncology Nurses Group – Qld

Clare had held various Staff Development and Nurse Educator positions throughout her career. Clare is a highly valued clinician with extensive experience in medical nursing, oncology nursing and surgical nursing. Clare’s passion for resuscitation has intensified over the past 7 years seeing her attend numerous resuscitation conferences and completing extensive training in advanced life support. Clare joined our team in 2008.

Ann Bonny

Qualifications: RN, BN, Graduate Certificate Critical Care – Cardiothoracics,
Certificate IV Workplace Assessment & Training
Certificate in Advanced Life Support
Member of Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (MACCCN)

Ann is a highly experienced Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurse and has worked at numerous tertiary and secondary intensive care units. Ann has been the Resuscitation Coordinator for a major metropolitan hospital, attending numerous cardiac arrests and reviewing cardiac arrest outcomes. Ann is a highly regarded healthcare professional with a passion for education. She is able to quickly build a strong rapport with learners, creating effective learning opportunities. Ann has been working with our team for over 3 years.

Peter Langbridge

Qualifications: RN, RM, BN
Advance Neonatal Nursing Certificate
Graduate Diploma Of Advanced Nursing – Neonatal Intensive Care
Certificate 4 In Workplace Assessment & Training
Queensland Health Transition To Practice Nurse
Education Programs: Assessor Preparation
ACCCN Advanced Life Support Intructors Program (Adult & Paediatric)
Certificate Advanced Life Support
Certificate Paediatric Advanced Life Support
Certificate Neonatal Resuscitation Accredited Program
Member of Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (MACCCN)

Peter is a highly regarded intensive care nurse with many years experience in this area. Peter has worked in ICU in both tertiary and secondary hospitals as well as various ICUs in London. Peter has also worked in Paediatric Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Peter’s paper on Pain Relief For Neonates In Australian Hospital: A Need To Improve Evidence-Based Practice, was published in the Journal Of Paediatric And Child Health in 2006. Peter has attended numerous conferences throughout Australia and presented lectures at the Australian Catholic University. In conjunction with this work history Peter has a vast experience in resuscitation from neonates, paediatrics through to adults, having completed numerous courses in these areas. We are incredibly lucky to have Peter join to our team.

Haley Askew

Qualifications: RN, BN
Cert IV in Training and Assessment
Anaesthetic Nursing Course
Certificate Advanced Life Support
Certificate Paediatric Advanced Life Support

Haley’s main areas of expertise is anaesthetics and advanced airway management. Haley has held Clinical Teaching positions in Anaesthetics and is the Paediatric Resource Nurse for the Peri-operative Unit. Haley also has experience in Intensive Care nursing (Public & Private Sector), Respiratory nursing, Emergency nursing and Rural nursing as well as having worked in a Cardiac medical / Heart and Lung Transplant Unit.

Administrative Staff

Our committed administrative team provides valuable support to our trainers ensuring the smooth functioning of day to day activities which enable the delivery of high-quality training.

Sallyann Harper

Resource Manager

Qualifications: Certificate III Front Line Management,
Certificate III in Communication and Information Systems
Certificate II in Information Technology
Certificate III in Financial Services
Senior First Aid Certificate

Administrative Assistant

General Administration

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