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We have been providing education in resuscitation for many years now, and over the years we have learnt a lot about why people attend our courses and how different people learn.  One thing we have definitely learnt is ‘one size does not fit all’.  We all have different learning styles, pace and needs.  At HealthCare Training Service we are committed to providing you with up-to-date information through innovative, multimodal training strategies to help you gain advanced life support knowledge and achieve competence in resuscitation practice.  That’s why at we provide you with options, so you can tailor your advanced life support learning your way.  We provide you with three alternative ways for you to meet your advanced life support learning needs.

Our new elearning site enables you to complete all theory components for both Adult Advanced Life Support and Paediatric Advanced Life Support at your own pace, in your own time, anywhere you have internet access. Our elearning programs provide self-paced, ready access learning with loads of information, video demonstrations, review questions and practice exams, to meet your learning needs. Please click on the elearning tab (top right of this page) to go to our elearning site.

You can then register with us to complete your ALS or PALS competency assessments and examination to achieve your credentialing and gain your certification. This option provides express certification for the time conscious, by completing the theory online and then attending a shortened assessment and examination session (duration 4½ hours for first-timers and 2½ hours for recertification). Or you may choose to complete your ALS or PALS credentialing through your local facility, by an in-house assessor, having gained vital knowledge through the elearning program.

Alternatively, you can still enjoy face-to-face learning through our classroom style delivery with course material being delivered by one of our experienced Education Consultants. If you want time for a chat and a catch up, our full day courses and half day recertification courses are still available. Please go to Our Courses page to see available dates.

A third alternative to gain your Adult Advanced Life Support and Paediatric Advanced Life Support certification is combine the two approaches above, have access to the elearning material and still attend face-to-face training. This option provides you with a thorough analysis of advanced life support theory and practical skills, as well as time for interaction and discussion. Plus you will have access to a valuable online resource to view throughout the year.

You may just wish to access all the information in relation to advanced life support and not attend the assessment component, and you are most welcome to do so. Once you subscribe to one or both of our elearning programs, you will have ready access to the latest information in advanced life support science and practice throughout the year. You will be able to update, refresh and stay informed about specific aspects of resuscitation whenever you need it, anywhere you have internet connection.

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    The choice is really up to you. Package your learning your way.

    Our mission is to create positive and meaningful learning experiences through a service which is innovative, reliable, timely, cost-effective, and relevant.  We aim to meet your advanced life support learning needs and we welcome your feedback.

    HealthCare Training Service employs a number of Education Consultants who are specialists in their chosen fields. We are committed to providing the latest information, presented by respected clinicians who are passionate about providing the vital knowledge, skills and confidence for Healthcare Professionals to fulfill their role in a safe, competent and efficient manner.

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